Dramatic increase in crime in Jeffreys Bay

The release of the 2014/15 crime statistics by the South African Police reveal that crime is on the increase in Jeffreys Bay.

JBay can not be allowed to become a gangster paradise. Photo: Joey Nel
JBay can not be allowed to become a gangster paradise. Photo: Joey Nel

69 cases of burglary at non residential premises (business) were reported, a 73 % increase from 2013/14.

Robbery at non residential premises also rose by 80 % over the same time period.

Surprisingly there has been a decrease in burglary and robbery of homes, with 15 less cases of burglary being reported.

There is still more than one house a day being burgled in Jeffreys Bay (463 cases). This statistic only refers to incidents that were reported to the Police.

11 murders took place in Jeffreys Bay, with 12 attempted murders, a 100 % increase from the last reporting period. Most categories of violent crime are also on the increase in Jeffreys Bay.


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Unfortunately the crime stats have to be queried as, according to the document released by police commissioner General Riah Phiyega, not a single motor vehicle was stolen in Jeffreys Bay during the reporting period.

The crime stats for the entire Eastern Cape reveal anomalies that cannot be explained. Figures published last year differ from the comparative figures published this year for the 2013/14 reporting period.

This has led to calls for an independent body like StatsSA to be responsible for the country’s crime statistics.

It is also hard to understand how the release of statistics that are between 6 – 18 months old will assist in the war against crime in South Africa.


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