Finance Minister Chinamasa accused of trying to topple Mugabe

Zimbabwe’s War Veterans Minister Chris Mutsvangwa, has reportedly hit out at a fellow cabinet minister, accusing him of working with the West to try and topple President Robert Mugabe.

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This comes a few days after Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa urged Zimbabweans to stop blaming outsiders for the country’s economic problems.

According to News Day, Chinamasa said Zimbabwe owed money to a number of countries and needed to re-engage creditors if the country was to prosper.

Zimbabwe has been reeling under economic hardships for more than a decade. Sanctions were imposed in 2002 after rising political violence ahead of that year’s presidential elections.

“We should work out strategies to get those sanctions lifted, that means more engagement with those countries that say sanctions should continue. We should talk to them and we should consider it as a process,” Chinamasa was quoted as saying.

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But, according to a New Zimbabwe.com report on Friday, the minister of war veterans criticised Chinamasa, saying there were some ministers in the cabinet who still held the mentality that “the white man is superior”.

“They have the mentality that whatever comes from America is number one; whatever comes from British is first. That’s a wrong mentality…” Mutsvangwa was quoted as saying.

Mutsvangwa accused Chinamasa of trying to topple Mugabe by working with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

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