Nuclear does not make economic sense for South Africa

25 August 2015

Russian nuclear activist Vladimir Slivyak has warned South Africa that the proposed deal with Russia does not make economic sense.

Koeberg is South Africa's only nuclear power station
Koeberg is South Africa’s only nuclear power station

Speaking at a media conference in Durban, he also lambasted Russia’s poor nuclear record, rampant corruption and maintained Russia’s weakening economy meant they lacked the financial muscle to finance nuclear build projects around the world.

The nuclear deal could cost R 1 trillion and has thus far, bypassed Parliament as well as the South African Treasury.

Furthermore, no country in the world has been able to successfully deal with nuclear waste and its environmental consequences.

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This means that highly dangerous nuclear waste will probably be stored onsite at Thyspunt for generations to come, should the decision be taken too build a power station at Oyster Bay.

Local concerns are that the chokka fishing industry will be adversely affected with thousands of tons of sand being dumped into the ocean during construction and that additional strain will be placed on Kouga’s already creaking infrastructure.

One thing is certain – the Russians are not going to come and build roads and upgrade our sewage works, water and electrical infrastructure. That is a pipe dream that will never happen.

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