Horror accident on R21 claims five lives

20 August 2015

Five people were killed in a collision during the early hours of this morning on the R21 south, near the Nelmapius off ramp.

r21 accident
Photo: @Nicol3tt300

According to ER 24 their paramedics arrived on the scene at around 2 am and found an Audi Q7 lying on its roof and another vehicle ripped into several pieces.

“Five people from the torn vehicle were found lying on the highway. Paramedics found that none of the men, believed to be between 25 and 35 years old, showed any signs of life,” the statement read.

The victims were declared dead on the scene.

Paramedics saw that the driver of the Audi was found walking around on scene with only minor injuries.

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He was assessed by an ambulance service and transported to a local hospital in the area for further treatment.

The exact cause of the collision is not yet known; however, it is understood that one of the vehicles collided with the side barrier of the road before it was ripped into several pieces.

Local authorities are on the scene to conduct an investigation into the exact cause of the collision.

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