ANC raises concerns about the nuclear deal

The nuclear deal will be high on the agenda of the ANC’s Policy Review Conference in October, with a strong call for full, transparent and thorough cost benefit analysis of nuclear power.

How is South Africa going to pay for the nuclear deal?
How is South Africa going to pay for the nuclear deal?

In a document entitled “Economic transformation for a National Democratic Society”, the ANC appears to be backtracking from President Zuma’s approach to the nuclear deal, which has been shrouded in secrecy and has thus far bypassed Parliament.

“Government must also announce publicly that nuclear energy can only be procured in line with the legal prescripts and after a thorough affordability assessment,” says the ANC in the document.

Thyspunt is the preferred site for a nuclear reactor despite fatal flaws being highlighted in the Impact Studies, which are still not complete.

Nobody knows at this stage exactly what type of nuclear reactor would be built at Thyspunt, so the Studies will have to be started afresh, once a design has actually been put on the table.

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There are still no answers on how safe the storage of nuclear waste will be and how much waste will actually be kept onsite at Thyspunt.

There are also concerns that South Africa simply cannot afford a nuclear build and that more emphasis should be placed on renewable energy to meet the country’s energy demand.

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