Germany beat SA at Underwater Rugby World Champs

29 July 2015

The South African Underwater Rugby team is currently competing at the Underwater Rugby World Championships being held in Columbia.

The South African underwater rugby team
The South African underwater rugby team

Open water swimmer Matt Stow was selected as the goalie of the team and takes us through their game against Germany.

“At the start of the game we seemed to be on form. Our defenders hung close to the goals to protect any attackers coming through as to avoid having situations where goalies have two attackers coming on them with no support.

Our attackers made good work of pushing the ball up and engaging in some decent ball play, coming quite close to scoring a goal at much delight from the crowds.

In the first half I got hit in the head and it took a couple of moments to gather where I was. A time out was called and this gave everyone a break to gather ourselves.

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The German attackers came in hard, but extremely precise.

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It seemed that every move had been well rehearsed over the years. Goal after goal was dropped in our basket.

Once a player had burrowed through behind my back and received the ball it was brutal how much force was used to lift me vertically to drop the ball in.

It was a good game regardless of the score today for us, we played as a team and played well.

We were never here to win this but here to learn as much as we can all soak up about this game as possible so we can bring back skills to grow this game in SA.”

Germany won the game 32 – 0.

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