Moment of magical grace

The moment the world goes quiet
Emotion dances off her face
As terror and tears takes its place

African sunrise

Silence embraces her soul and for a moment
The pain is free to let go
Her skin awakens from a life long sleep
As the intensity brings her to her feet

Sorrow overwhelms her as she crumbles
Fear takes hold and wont let her surrender
A ghostly soul on the verge of just letting go
As nothing can keep her grounded
No one can see her fall apart as a guarded heart
She thought would save her but now it hides the soul
Longing to be seen
Hoping to be saved

In this moment of lifelessness
A little piece of magic happens

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He sees her broken
He holds her almost invisible soul and calls her beautiful
As his words breathe fire in her eyes and in this magic she is saved

Her soul will fight not to cave
In his arms her existence is safe
In his presence her beauty will forever embrace
This moment of magical grace

Elmien Finestone

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