Shark incident stops JBay Open

The final of the JBay Open was called to a close shortly after the start when one of the finalists, Mick Fanning was pulled under the water by a shark at Supertubes, Jeffreys Bay.

Mick Fanning at SUpertubes.
Mick Fanning at SUpertubes.

Fanning was sitting on his board when there was a sudden thrashing of water around him and then he disappeared under the water.

It appeared that a shark has become entangled in his leash and fought to escape and in the process snapped the leash.

Miraculously, Fanning was uninjured during the incident.

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The water safety boat immediately rushed to the surfers and pulled them out of the water.

The JBay Open was called off as a result of the incident.

The type of shark responsible for the incident is undetermined at this stage.

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