Even government doesn’t pay E-tolls

It is pure hypocrisy that government calls on citizens and businesses to buy e-tags and pay E-tolls, when governments themselves refuse to pay E-tolls.

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This was confirmed in a reply to a DA Parliamentary question, which revealed that the three worst offending local governments in Gauteng are:

Ekurhuleni Metropolitan municipality: R 1 838 383

City of Tshwane Metropolitan municipality R 351 644

Emfuleni Local municipality R 127 685

The Government is being blatantly unfair by expecting citizens to do something they aren’t prepared to.

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“The DA has long held that e-tolls are double taxation and that the E-toll scheme is a job killing scheme,” said Manny de Freitas, the DA Shadow Minister of Transport.

“The people of Gauteng have also spoken loud and clear in their rejection of E-tolls, and their voices have been largely ignored. Now even ANC-governed municipalities have rejected E-tolls and refuse to pay them.”

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“Not only are some municipalities not paying their e-toll bills but some have not even signed up for e-tags. Emfuleni local municipality has not registered a single one of its vehicles for e-tags,” added de Freitas.

It is time that the Government heeds these calls, recognises the unsuitability of E-tolls, and scraps the job killing scheme for good.