Athol Trollip to visit Kouga

The leader of the DA in the Eastern Cape, Athol Trollip will be visiting Kouga this week and will hold two meetings, to which the public is invited to attend.

Athol Trollip, the leader of the DA in the Eastern Cape
Athol Trollip, the leader of the DA in the Eastern Cape

Trollip is also the Federal Chairperson of the Democratic Alliance, ensuring that the Eastern Cape is well represented on a national level.

The first meeting will take place today 13 July in Jeffreys Bay at 6 pm in the Newton Hall, while the second meeting will be held tomorrow 14 July in St Francis Bay at 6 pm in the Village Hall.

Kouga is regarded as a must win Municipality by the DA, especially after the strong support the DA received in the 2014 national and local government elections, when the majority of Kouga voters decided to vote for the DA.

“The track record of the ANC in Kouga speaks for itself with their legacy being a crumbling infrastructure, high unemployment and absolutely no delivery in houses for the poor”, said Trollip.

“Tourism and agriculture are the two main economic drivers in Kouga and both are being affected by continual sewage spills on the beaches, water supplies being erratic and an electrical infrastructure that needs urgent upgrading,” added Trollip.

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Trollip also urged voters not to split the vote in 2016 but to rather stand united and vote the ANC out of power.

“A split vote led to the ANC winning Kouga Municipality in 2011 and it will be a travesty should the same thing happen next year. Kouga simply cannot afford another 5 year’s of ANC mismanagement.”

athol public meeting Jbay

Trollip will be the first high level DA leader to visit Kouga in the build up to the crucial 2016 local government election which could well see a change in government in Kouga.

The ANC currently hold a one seat advantage on the Kouga Council with 15 seats compared to the 14 seats held by the DA.

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