Waters Of The Faroe Islands Run Red

For the second time this season, the waters of the Faroe Islands are red with the blood of slaughtered pilot whales, killed in the infamous drive hunt known by the Faroese term grindadráp or grind.

Photo: Sea Shepard
Photo: Sea Shepard

The pod was spotted at approximately 0830 local time this morning. The pilot whales were then driven to Hvannasund in the north of the island archipelago, where they were eventually slaughtered.

Sea Shepherd estimates that between 20 and 30 pilot whales were killed in the slaughter.


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The Sea Shepherd ship, Brigitte Bardot, was patrolling approximately 25 nautical miles to the south of the region where the whales were spotted and was not able to reach the area in time.

Operation Sleppid Grindini Land Team Leader, Rosie Kunneke of South Africa, said that another harrowing, bloody massacre has been allowed to occur in the Faroe Islands.

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