Surfer loses leg in Buffels Bay shark attack

In the second shark attack in two days along the southern coast of South Africa, 19 year old bodyboarder Caleb Swanepoel, suffered a complete amputation of his right leg above the knee and lacerations to his left leg from a shark bite at Buffels Bay.

A Great White Shark. Photo: National Geographic
A Great White Shark. Photo: National Geographic

This follows an attack on Dylan Reddering at Look Out beach in Plettenberg Bay just the day before the incident at Buffels Bay.

Caleb was rescued from the water by fellow surfers and treated on the beach before rescue services including the NSRI arrived on the scene.

With two shark encounters in two days along the Southern Cape Coast, on Friday in Plettenberg Bay and yesterday at Buffels Bay, NSRI are urging bathers and surfers to be cautious and to make an informed decision on whether or not to enter the water.

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It has been advised not to enter the water in the area until Municipal authorities advise further.

The bite marks will be investigated by authorities in ongoing research with shark encounters of this nature and to determine the species of shark, although it is suspected that this was a Great White Shark.