Tourist attacked in Jeffreys Bay

A young tourist visiting Jeffreys Bay was attacked and mugged for a cell phone last week.

crime scene

The woman, whose name is known to JBay News, described her ordeal:

“I was walking back from the factory outlet shops to the hostel where I was staying at around 2 pm in the afternoon.

I was attacked by a black man around 5″ 6 – 5” 8 with short hair, dark pants and a leather (or leather looking) black jacket.

He had a small gap between his two front top teeth and was carrying a knife with a blade around 3 – 4 inches long with a black handle.

He called out “hey sister” twice when I turned around he asked for the time then produced the knife.

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He knocked me to the ground and was about to stab my hand before I let go of my phone.

At that point he ran away and I got up screaming for help and chased him. People from the Joshua Project came out and helped me.”

true feb 2015

The phone is Samsung galaxy S6 serial number on the back is *359845/06/400524/7*.

If anybody comes across the phone, please hand it at the Jeffreys Bay Police Station or send an email to [email protected]

Any incidents of crime needs to be reported to the Jeffreys Bay Police and can also be mailed to the above email address.

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