Kite Festival is going to be spectacular

The JBay Winterfest is where it all goes down this July.

Kabeljous Beach Photo: Robbie Irlam
Kabeljous Beach Photo: Robbie Irlam

Thousands of people descend upon the surfing mecca to celebrate music, sports and the good life. The previous festival in 2014 saw 45 000 festivalgoers party up a storm to some of the country’s premiere musical acts and sporting events.

One such affair that needs to be seen first hand to be truly appreciated is the National Kite Festival that will take to the sky at Kabeljous Beach on July 12.

Power kites will be on display for the adrenaline junkies, who love to put their bodies on the line and into the gusts of the wind. A range of stunt kites will perform a seriously impressive array of acrobatic tricks including formation flying, while four-liner Revolution kites will cater to the more experienced flyers.

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jbay winterfest logo 2015

The capper is undoubtedly a demonstration by eight South African Kite Masters with their giant show kites set to cast some serious shade on the crowd below.

Think that this sounds like an adults-only event? No! Not at all. The National Kite Festival is encouraging parents to bring their kids and make it a family occasion. It’s even providing one-liner kites for the youngsters to play around with

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