Where is crime the worst in the Eastern Cape?

Attempted house breakings in Jeffreys Bay are reported on a daily basis between residents but just how bad is crime in our town?

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It might come as a surprise that despite the increase of criminal activity in Jeffreys Bay, there are worse places to live in the Eastern Cape.

It must be tough living the area served by the East London Police Station where a total of 7 963 crimes were reported in the 13/14 stats year, with Mount Road in Port Elizabeth not far behind with 7 247 incidents.

Jeffreys Bay reported a total of 1 805 crimes, which was an increase from 1 690 crimes reported in the previous period.

The most likely place for a home to be burgled is Cambridge in East London where 967 incidents took place, with Walmer in Port Elizabeth the second most likely suburb, with 833 incidents.

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Jeffreys Bay had 481 reported incidents during the same time period – the 9th highest in the Eastern Cape.

The place most likely to have a car stolen is Humewood (293) and Mount Road (260). Jeffreys Bay had 26 cases during the corresponding period.

The increase in crime is a serious matter, no matter where it occurs in South Africa.

However, with block watch systems being implemented in Jeffreys Bay, strong Neighbourhood Watches in suburbs like Paradise Beach and Aston Bay and security companies and Police working together, it is not too late to bring crime under control in our town.

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