Women robbed on JBay beach

Three incidents have taken place in the last week along the Jeffreys Bay beach front, with women being robbed on their possessions by an assailant.

jbay beach thief
A local resident took a picture of the man involved in the theft at Supertubes.

The latest incident took place yesterday afternoon in the Supertubes car park in Pepper Street.

An elderly visitor from Pretoria was sitting on the board walk at Supertubes when an assailant grabbed her cell phone and ran off.

However, he was spotted by local residents and was chased.

Eventually he was tracked down behind the Spar Centre and apprehended.

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Unfortunately the visitor declined to lay charges as she does not want to come down from Pretoria for a court case.

The other two incidents occurred at Checkers Beach and at Point.

Residents and visitors alike are urged to open cases as this would then reflect in the Jeffreys Bay crime statistics, which influence the number of policemen and women are allocated to Jeffreys Bay.

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