Up close and personal

Adventure photography may sound like a dream job – and in many cases, it is.

But it’s also hard work that takes daring, skill, and some unorthodox techniques.

Up close with lions

lions 1

Photographer Chris McLennan didn’t get himself this close to these lions in Botswana – he sent in Car-L, a remote-controlled off-road vehicle you can see below.

lions 2

Go swimming with a shark

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shark 1

Yes, that’s a Great White. No, photographer Amos Nachoum is not in a shark cage. His mission? “Dispel the myth that Great Whites are dangerous to humans,” according to him.

Jeb Corliss image of me facing the Great White from less than one meter...

Was he successful? He survived, so, at least a little bit. The shot – taken from his waterhousing, as you can see above – used a standard 50mm lens instead of the wide-angle one might expect.

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