Time running out for Entries into the JBU Supertrial

The entries for the JBU SUpertrial presented by RVCA are still flowing through, but time is quickly running out for those who have yet to enter.

Remi Peterson has entered the JBU Supertrial
Remi Peterson has entered the JBU Supertrial

The final day for entries to be accepted is Monday 11 May 2015, and the event has a strict policy of No Entry No Invite.

The JBU Supertrial will comprise 24 of the best South African surfers battling it out for the one wildcard slot in the World Surf League Championship Tour’s JBay Open contest, that will come with a minimum prize of R 109 000.

The JBay Open is the anchor event for the JBay Winterfest.

Sebastian Williams has put his name forward to the event selectors with a video entry comprising JBay footage captured during the last few months.

Sebastian, who shares his time between JBay and Mexico, has had a great run of results of late, including winning the RVCA Junior Challenge U14 last year as well as winning a recent JBU Club contest.

For a closer look at his entry click here

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Supertubes local Remi Peterson has also dropped a video entry into the mix, and it’s a mash-up of some left-hand barrels and airs as well as some crazy footage of Remi soaring down the line at excellent Supertubes.

Remi is right at home at Supertubes, and knows how to come out of those long backhand tube rides. Check out his entry here

The JBU Supertrial precedes the JBay Open WSL Championship Tour event, which takes place during the JBay Winterfest.

The Winterfest takes place from 8 – 19 July and includes a number of different events like the Infood Blu Cold Water Swim Classic, Core Downhill Sokkie Jol and the Skins fishing event.

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