Eastern Province wins SA Longboard Champs

With over 200 surfers, and 7 days of good to excellent surf, this year’s SA Champs proved to be a huge success.

Photo: Clive Wright
Photo: Clive Wright

The first two days were held at the famous PE Longboarding wave, Cobbles, and then moved to Cape St Francis for the remainder of the contest, ending up with perfect waves at Seal Point on the final day.

Hosts Eastern Province won the team title from second placed Western Province.

JBay local Ryan Lightfoot won the U/14 division with a strong display of traditional longboard surfing, with fellow JBay surfer Arnold Vermaak winning the U/16 division.

“I hopped on a longboard in the beginning of the year and decided to enter the EP Trials. Somehow I won the first trial in my age group and my parents got me a 8 foot board that I could turn really nicely,” said Lightfoot, whose older brother Dylan represented Jeffreys Bay in the WCT JBay Open in 2014.

Ryan Lightfoot carving his way to victory at Seal Point
Ryan Lightfoot carving his way to victory at Seal Point

Lightfoot was then selected to represent Eastern Province  as top seed in his age group.

“The waves at Seals were classic throughout the SA Champs and in the final I scored an 8 and a 9 to win my age group,” added Ryan, who learned to surf at the Main beach in Jeffreys Bay before moving up the ranks to Kitchen Windows and the Point.

The top two Open Ladies (Tarryn King and Roxy Davis) and top two Open Men  (Justin Bing and Steven Sawyer) have been invited to the World Surf League Longboarding Championships.

Photo: Clive Wright
Photo: Clive Wright



  1. Ryan Lightfoot
  2. Tim Shelver
  3. Kola Cohen
  4. Kye Macgregor


  1. Sophie Bell
  2. Kirsty Gilmour
  3. Paige Wheal
  4. Angela Schon


  1. Arnold Vermaak
  2. Paul Sampson
  3. Tristan Torr
  4. Sam Osmond

U18 Girls

  1. Michelle Verreyne
  2. Pippa Jones
  3. Kia Fenton
  4. Kylee Dry
Full Stop. Photo: Clive Wright
Full Stop. Photo: Clive Wright

U18 Boys

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  1. Tristan Lev
  2. Peter Coffey
  3. Alex Van Rijswick
  4. Sam Christianson


  1. Tom King
  2. William Wallace
  3. Gregg Clarke
  4. G Mundy


  1. Michelle Van Kempen
  2. Roxy Davis
  3. Margreet Wibbelink
  4. Nicky Bezuidenhout


  1. Phillipa Hill
  2. Bernie Shelley
  3. Margot Saunders
  4. C Billson


  1. Greg Heasley
  2. Dieter Kuhn
  3. Greg Briscoe
  4. Robin Somogyuari


  1. Alan Byram
  2. Barry Campbell
  3. M Billson
  4. Attie V D Pas


  1. Drew Macdonald
  2. D Jenkins
  3. Grant Gilmour
  4. I van Vuuren
JBay local Steven Sawyer. Photo: Clive Wright
JBay local Steven Sawyer. Photo: Clive Wright


  1. Greg Smith
  2. Deon Bing
  3. Craig Daniel
  4. S Hair


  1. Mush Hyde
  2. T. Kanigowski
  3. Hugh Thompson
  4. G Bunting


  1. Tarryn King
  2. Roxy Davis
  3. Kay Holt
  4. R Wynne


  1. Justin Bing
  2. Steven Sawyer
  3. Trevor King
  4. William Wallace


  1. EASTERN PROVINCE – 136 075 points
  2. WESTERN PROVINCE – 128 811 points
  3. KZN – 122 353 points
  4. SOUTHERN CAPE –  103 432

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