The killing fields of Etosha

Poaching has hit the rhino population of Etosha National Park hard, with 54 animals killed so far this year.


The Namibian Sun reports that Environment and Tourism Minister Pohamba Shifeta will investigate rumours of the possible involvement of park staff and management.

“Everything will be investigated and no stone will be left unturned. I have already seen two problems and that is the negligence of staff and the other suspicions could be very serious,” said Shifeta.

The rumours that staff and management may be involved follow the recent discovery of several new carcasses in Etosha. Some were found close to game wardens’ houses.

Shifeta said he was not happy with the staff and management at Etosha.

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“They are either negligent or sleeping. I cannot understand how this can happen in close proximity of their camps. How can someone just loot while our staff is there and no one is aware of anything.”

Shifeta said ministry officials have been busy with more intensive aerial patrols in Etosha and have been able to find more rhino carcasses in the park, even in dense bush.

The total number of rhino carcasses that have been discovered in Namibia this year is 59. Five rhino carcasses were discovered earlier this year in the Kunene Region.

Closer to home, two rhino were killed at Lombardini Game Farm last week. A public meeting to discuss poaching will be held at Lombardini at 4 pm on Saturday afternoon.


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