Wreckage off Cape Point a danger to shipping

The NSRI are urging fishermen and vessels at sea off the Cape Peninsula and False Bay Coast to be cautious and aware of a large capsized vessel floating semi-submerged about 10 nautical miles due South of Cape Point.

wreck cape point
NSRI became aware of the floating wreck today after being alerted by fisherman who had came upon the capsized vessel.

The NSRI Simonstown have attached life-jacket strobe lights onto the wreck in an effort to make the wreck more visible to passing traffic.

“Our greatest concern is fishermen departing to go to normal fishing grounds deep-sea South of Cape Point before sunrise and returning after sunset as the floating wreck is barely visible.”

It appears that sightings of the floating wreck have been made before but it is unknown what vessel it is or where it originated.

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A Marine Biologist suspects that judging by barnacle growth on the wreck she may be about two months old.

NSRI will attempt to monitor future sightings to track progress of the floating wreck.