Nicholas Melck – the JBay property man

If you looking to buy or sell property or have lived in Jeffreys Bay for a couple of years, chances are you would have come across Nicholas Melck.

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Having moved to Jeffreys Bay in 1993, Nicholas became involved in the property industry immediately and based himself at Marina Martinique.

“I started with Talbaric Estates back in ’93 and immediately saw the potential that Marina Martinique offered. 22 years later I am still selling property on the Marina, which has evolved into the most exclusive suburb in Jeffreys Bay,” said Nicholas.

“My only form of transport back then was a bicycle and at a time, I was living in a caravan. I still pursued selling property, against the counsel of everyone I knew, because I had a dream of helping people own their own property.

Nicholas Melck with the TV crew during the SA Open Water Swim Champs
Nicholas Melck with the TV crew during the SA Open Water Swim Champs

I also discovered how much I loved the people I was working with and the more transparent I became, the more I realised we all have a desire to provide for our families.

I was born with Tourettes Syndrome and have chronic dyslexia, which has always been my enemy, but I decided to make friends with it.

It was from this point on, when I found that there was a place for me and I started working really harder and smarter and realised I had to be different and think “out of the box”.

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People are fundamentally good and kind and one of the reasons I have enjoyed success, is because I understand, that no matter who you are or where you come from or no matter what you buy, it’s your money, and you have worked hard for it – I respect that!”

Nobody enjoys the Marina lifestyle more than Nicholas Melck
Nobody enjoys the Marina lifestyle more than Nicholas Melck

Nicholas also became involved with supporting swim events in Jeffreys Bay and is the proud sponsor of the annual Marina Mile.

“The swim events have established the Marina as a world class open water swim venue and when the opportunity arose to sponsor the Marina Mile, I took it” said Melck.

“For years the Marina Mile was the only thing creating positive reports about Marina Martinique, especially after the Masterbond debacle.

To see Olympic swimmers come swim here is amazing and shows just how highly rated the Marina is worldwide”.

To view some of the properties Nicholas has on offer, click here or visit his Face book page

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