Monument vandalised in Hankey

The Saartjie Baartman monument  in Hankey was vandalised over the weekend when paint was thrown over it.

saartjie baardman

No arrests were made as yet and the South African Police are investigating a case of malicious damage to property as well as a contravention of the Heritage act.

Sarah “Saartjie” Baartman, a member of the indigenous Khoisan community, was taken from her homeland in 1810 by a British ship’s doctor who told her she could earn a fortune in Europe by allowing foreigners to look at her body.

She was paraded in Britain and France for years as a sexual freak because of her large buttocks and genitalia and died a pauper in Paris in 1815.

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After her death, her body was dissected and her skeleton, skull and genitalia displayed in Paris’ Museum of Mankind until 1974.

Her remains were finally brought home to South Africa in 2002 and buried in Hankey.


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