Xenophobic attacks continue in South Africa

Xenophobic attacks intensified  in the Gauteng province last night. This occurred as President Zuma left the country for a visit to Indonesia.

Six people have already been killed in KwaZulu-Natal in attacks which started about two weeks ago and thousands have been displaced.

Police are hard at work trying to restore calm in Gauteng. This follows a resurgent of violent attacks on foreign clashes in several parts of the province overnight.

The standoff between police and locals from the Jeppestown hostel in the Johannesburg CBD quickly spread.

The M2 highway towards the west was temporarily closed as police engaged in running battles with large crowds below the highways, whom are believed were from the George Gogh hostel.  This was after incidents of looting surfaced.

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The violent attacks then swiftly moved to Alexandra township north of Johannesburg where shops belonging to foreign nationals were broken into and looted.

Some foreigners were forced to vacate their shops in fear of the attacks. The situation remains calm but tense.