30 % of Eskom’s power supply is unavailable

The latest report issued by Nersa on the state of Eskom reveals that South Africa’s power supplier’s performance has deteriorated rapidly in the first quarter of 2015.


Total Mega Watt (MW) unavailable has grown to 12 149 MW which is a dramatic increase from 9 346 MW in 2014, according to Nersa’s System Adequacy Report issued on 30 March 2015.

This reveals that Eskom is battling to maintain the power supply and is falling further behind on scheduled maintenance of its fleet of power stations.

The capacity unavailable due to breakdowns has increased by a staggering 46.8% from 2014.

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Unplanned maintenance, increased from 12.32% of available capacity or 5 189 MW, in 2014, to 18.1% or 7 619 MW.

Due to load shedding, peak demand for power has decreased to 31 756 MW, down from a high of 36 664 MW back in 2010.

Eskom has reverted back to Schedule One loadshedding this week.

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