Kouga dams at 65 % capacity

The water levels in the dams that supply the Nelson Mandela May Metro and the Kouga Municipality are at a combined average of 65 % of capacity.

The Churchill Dam
The Churchill Dam

Jeffreys Bay receives most of its water from the Metro, while parts of Wavecrest get borehole water.

The Metro uses the following table when dam levels start to drop to 60 % and lower:

60% – Public participation programs
50% – Water restrictions for gardens
45% – Increased tariffs
35% – Quotas are enforced

The capacity of the dams, the majority of which are all situated within the borders of Kouga are:

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Kouga 70.54%
Churchill 52.31%
Impofu 58.78%
Loerie 84.86%
Groendal 98.37%

Average of all dams: 65.15 % of total combined capacity.


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