Gravel roads for Jeffreys Bay

The Jeffreys Bay city council has decided that all roads in Jeffreys Bay will revert back to gravel roads as there is simply not enough funds to maintain tar roads in the coastal village.

How Jeffreys Bay roads could look in the future
How Jeffreys Bay roads could look in the future

“There has been no budget for either fixing the tar roads or to tar new roads for a number of years now and we have decided it is stupid to lose a fighting battle,” said Thembu Sikapothole from the Council’s road department.

Residents have been complaining about the state of the roads in Jeffreys Bay as car rims and tyres get damaged when hitting potholes, which are almost impossible to see at night and in heavy rain.

“We have obviously taken the residents concerns into consideration,” said Sikapothole, who has a road engineering certificate from the University of Uganda.

“Every day people complain about the potholes and we are tired of it now, so it was an easy decision to go back to gravel roads and to spend the money we are saving on keeping our existing gravel roads in places like Ocean View and Tokyo Sexwale in pristine condition.”

There doesnt seem to be any concrete plan from the council on exactly how the tar roads will be converted back to gravel.

“Basically we just not going to fix potholes any more and eventually the roads will go back to gravel themselves,” explained Sikapothole.

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This road management plan has angered residents who have asked why they have to pay rates and taxes and will be receiving even less services from the council.

“It is funny that the people who drive the big 4×4 vehicles are the same ones who are complaining about the potholes and the state of the roads and now when we come up with a plan they still moaning,” says Sikapothole.

“They also say how nice the old Jeffreys Bay was and we all know the old Jeffreys Bay had gravel roads, so what is their problem?

Once the roads have gone back to gravel we will scrape them every now and then in Wavecrest as we are committed to delivering service to all the residents in Jeffreys Bay and not just our people, so there is nothing to worry about.”

The areas that will be most affected by the new road management plan will be Wavecrest, Aston Bay and C Place, while the roads in Paradise Beach are reverting to gravel quite rapidly already.

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