Crime spikes in Aston Bay

There has been a surge in crime incidents in the normally quiet suburb of Aston Bay.

The Aston Bay lagoon
The Aston Bay lagoon

A number of house breakings and muggings of joggers have occurred in Aston as well as the road leading to Marina Martinique.

The Aston Bay Neighbourhood Watch is actively monitoring the situation and it is hoped that the suburb will return to normal shortly.

Residents are urged to make sure that they secure their property before going to bed at night and to activate their alarms before going to sleep.

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Women should not jog alone along the road going past the Marina that leads to the Infood Blu restaurant and to be aware of their surroundings at all times.

All crime incidents should be reported to the South African Police as the number of police personnel in the town is determined by the crime statistics.

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