Local flight prices nosedive

Online booking company Travelstart says flight prices have decreased by as much as 39% on some domestic routes since last year.


Comparing January and February 2015 flight prices against the same period last year they found that 14 local routes to be cheaper than what they were in 2014.

Of the 18 routes analysed, only 4 are more expensive than what they were at the same time last year.

Travelstart attributes the decrease in domestic fares to the entry of FlySafair who commenced operations in October 2014.

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The information shows consumers paid 39% less for a flight from Cape Town to George in January / February 2015, while the popular commuter route from Johannesburg to Cape Town was on average 16% less than what it was at the same time last year.


While the marked decrease in flight prices is welcomed, Travelstart says consumers should be wary of hastily accepting current prices as a sign of things to come. “FlySafair’s low prices are typical of a launch strategy whereby an airline decreases prices on the routes they operate in order to gain some market share from competitors”.

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