Eskom executives rake in R11 million in bonuses

In a reply to a DA parliamentary question, the Minister of Public Enterprises, Lynne Brown, confirmed that Eskom’s top ten officials received almost R 11 million in bonuses in 2014.

Majuba Power Station. Photo Eskom
Majuba Power Station. Photo Eskom

This was over and above their salaries of R 32,7 million.

It is unacceptable that while our country has to live with load shedding, the sheer incompetence of those tasked to lead and manage Eskom out of a debilitating crisis is being extravagantly rewarded.

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The billions we could have saved in running public enterprises efficiently would have been more than enough for us to keep the lights on.

South African’s cannot accept that while the rest of us are impacted by poor delivery a few people become very rich while costing our country billions.