Bingo coming to Jeffreys Bay

Electronic Bingo is taking South Africa by storm and has now arrived in Jeffreys Bay.

The Bingo venue in Fountains Mall. Photo: Chris Scott
The Bingo venue in Fountains Mall. Photo: Chris Scott

Fountains Mall in Jeffreys Bay will become the latest venue in the Eastern Cape to have a Bingo Royale entertainment gaming venue.

“Bingo Royale provides over 18s up-market entertainment, including a Bingo Royale Café, feature bar and modern bingo terminals.

The venue will also feature regular live entertainment on a permanent stage in the venue,” says Yolande Manuel, director of BOSS Gaming Eastern Cape.

Visitors to Bingo Royale Jeffrey’s Bay have a visible wow experience the first time they pass through security and enter the premises just like the other Bingo Royale venues in the Eastern Cape where they are greeted by a giant chandelier and a Mercedes-Benz.

Every Bingo Royale outlet regularly gives away a Mercedes-Benz at special car draws.

The colours of the lights in the chandelier can be changed to match the mood or occasion of the day.

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Electronic-based bingo machines will be used at Bingo Royale Jeffreys Bay, allowing visitors to play whenever the bingo hall is open, as opposed to specific time slots in more traditional Bingo operations.

There are over 150 electronic-based bingo machines that visitors can play on says Bingo Royale Jeffreys Bay general manager Schreuder Venter.

“One of the reasons we chose Fountains Mall as the perfect spot to open up in Jeffreys Bay is the easy and convenient access to parking facilities, the gaming venue that helps create a ‘one stop’ destination for food, gaming and live entertainment” says Venter.

New security lighting has been installed to flood the parking area and passage to the Bingo Royale.

The area will be patrolled by Bingo Royale’s own security guards who will escort visitors to and from their vehicles during the evening.

Entrance to the gambling area carries an over 18 age restriction but the Bingo Royale Café with its separate entrance is accessible to all ages.