JBay film maker wins international award

Wayne de Lange, owner of Silver Bullet Productions, won the prestigious award of Best Cinematographer for the short film “Thread ” at the 48 Hour Film Project Filmapalooza on 1 March in Los Angeles.

Wayne de Lange on set

The all-female cast took home 11 awards at the annual award ceremony in November at the Cape Town 48HFP awards. In America, the 12th award of Best Overall Cinematographer was added to the batch.

The 48 Hour Film Project is the world’s largest timed short film competition, taking place across the globe in about 130 cities each year.

Each team is given a genre, a character, a prop and a line of dialogue to work into their films.

Thread is a silent film that looks at a mother-daughter relationship under stain in the wake of the death of a family member. Its haunting cinematography and compelling musical score have been praised over and over – and for good reason.

Wayne began his career shooting surfers in his home town of Jeffreys Bay and he quickly became an accomplished water cinematographer, working with Universal Pictures in 2010 as part of the ‘water cine’ on Blue Crush 2.

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Jeffreys Bay  Property for sale

He was also water cinematographer on Perfect Wave with Scott Eastwood two years later, shooting both in South Africa and abroad in Uluwatu, Indonesia.

His creative, hands-on approach and his drive to get the shot no matter the circumstance, have led to his cinematography win at 48HFP, and have also made him a sought after cinematographer both in the water and out.

Wayne is still very involved with his hometown of Jeffreys Bay and is part of the team that ensures the JBay Winterfest happens every year.

Silver Bullet produced the Super Sport segment that gave the JBay Winterfest vast coverage in 2014 and also managed the media house for the Winterfest.