No strategy from Govt to stop farm murders

There were 277 attacks on farmers and farming communities during 2014, with 67 murders, the highest figure since 1990.

Photo: Clive Wright
Photo: Clive Wright

The Minister of Police has shown scant interest in the people who feed our nation, other than a vague comment on the 8th August last year after a farmer Ponti Thunysma was attacked and burned on his farm in Boschkop east of Pretoria, where another farmer had been murdered a month previously.

He said he would really look into ways of improving rural safety and policing.

He added that the SAPS would roll out a rural safety strategy. Another one.

The previous strategies have failed dismally, and South Africa has been waiting for this new, improved version for six months.

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Farmers are four times more likely to be murdered than the average South African, and it is far, far more dangerous to be a farmer than a police officer.

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The numbers of commercial farmers have already declined by over 50% since 1996.

The farm murder stats were quietly removed from the annual release in the hope that South Africans would not notice how many murders there were, and the question is, who will be feeding South Africa in a decade’s time when this Minister is still fiddling with his latest version of the “strategy”

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