Crime increases in beachfront area

Housebreakings are continuing in the lower Wavecrest area with guest houses also being targeted.

crime scene

In one instance, the criminal(s) gained access through a window and stole a substantial amount of cash, according to W/O Gerda Swart of the South African Police.

Two incidents in the normally crime free suburb of Aston bay have also been reported.

Residents are urged to open cases with the South African Police each time a crime takes place.

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It is not a waste of time just because a resident might not have insurance or because an out of town visitor was robbed and will not be available for a subsequent court case.

The top brass of the South African Police use crime statistics to determine how many police men and women should be stationed at a particular station and Jeffreys Bay has suffered a decline in the number of staff over the years, yet crimes like housebreakings increase.

Any criminal activity can also be reported to [email protected]

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