State of the Western Cape – achieve energy security

The economy of the Western Cape grew by 2.3 % last year, and Premier Helen Zille identified economic growth and job creation as the only way to fight poverty in a sustainable manner during her State of the Province address.

Table Mountain

Zille has selected several priority projects that will be implemented in the Western Cape, namely:

  • Achieving Energy Security;
  • Rapid growth in three key economic sectors with the highest potential for new jobs;
  • Delivery of high-speed Broadband across the province;
  • Testing effective E-Learning models in WC schools;
  • Creating real after-school opportunities for young people to participate in sport, cultural and academic activities;
  • Tackling Alcohol Abuse;
  • Providing Water and decent Sanitation that exceeds the basic national minimum standard; and
  • Pioneering an integrated living model that can pave the way for restructuring the apartheid legacy of WC cities and towns.

When load-shedding hits it costs the Western Cape economy hundreds of millions of rands in lost productivity and investment.

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“President Zuma obviously is not serious about solving this crisis when he insists on maintaining Eskom’s monopoly and pursuing the unaffordable Russian nuclear deal that, even if it gets off the ground, cannot deliver any power for the next 15 years.   We need viable alternatives now.

That is why energy security has to be a game changer.  Either we have an economy or we don’t,” said Zille.