Iconic Green Peace ship to anchor off Cape St Francis

The Rainbow Warrior will anchor off Cape St Francis on Thursday 19 February, in support of the Thyspunt Alliance campaign to oppose the construction of a nuclear power station at Thyspunt, just 10 km away from St Francis.

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Trudi Malan, spokesperson for the Thyspunt Alliance said that the alliance welcomes this show of support.

“On a local level the debate over Thyspunt is more than just about nuclear. As residents of this area we need to focus on the effects that an industrial development of this magnitude will have on our backyard and more importantly on our back pockets.

Eskom or any other developer, be they Russian or Chinese, will not be the “fairy Godmother” that will fix all of the social ills and infrastructure backlogs in this area.” Malan said.

“It is sad that when the sites were selected in the 1980’s the protection of the heritage of the First Nation did not feature. In fact the former regime did not care about the rights of the First Nation.

The Calamari Fishing Industry was not in existence at that time and the dire impacts to the industry were ignored in the first two drafts of the Environmental Impact Assessment.” Malan added.

“Greenpeace believes that controversial plans for new nuclear investments are not a solution to this country’s crushing electricity crisis. In fact, nuclear projects are a distraction from the real solution to the crisis: investments in renewable energy solutions.

It would take at least 15 years for new nuclear projects to deliver electricity to the grid, which is far too late and comes at far too high a price.

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South Africans cannot afford to wait for another 15 – 20 years for nuclear projects to come online, when renewable energy investments can immediately resolve the country’s urgent energy problems” said Melita Steele, Senior Climate and Energy Campaign Manager for Greenpeace Africa.

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New nuclear projects are likely cost up to R1 trillion, which would bankrupt this country and force skyrocketing electricity prices, while at the same time failing to deliver on the electricity that South Africa needs today,” continued Steele.

To celebrate the arrival of the Rainbow Warrior in Seal Bay and to show their support for the campaign, locals are invited to bring their picnic baskets to the Cape St Francis beach and to enjoy the sunset with the Rainbow Warrior as a backdrop.

“We as a community need to support all efforts to ensure a sustainable energy future for our country. This is a wonderful opportunity to come together and to show support for sustainable solutions on a beautiful beach.” Malan said.

The visit by the Rainbow Warrior will take place on 19 February 2015 and locals are encouraged to gather on the Cape St Francis beach front from 17:00, wear white and bring along South African flags to wave at the Rainbow Warrior.

Surfers will do a paddle-out to show their support and local chokka boats will gather in Seal Bay to be part of the occasion.

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