Eskom loses 36 % of capacity

A total of 15 467 MW of Eskom’s generation capacity was off-line on Wednesday, constituting an unprecedented  36 % of Eskom’s 43 000 MW installed capacity.

wind farm turbines

This is a further indication of the rapid deterioration of Eskom’s generation fleet performance.

The utility started Thursday with stage two load shedding, reducing demand by 2 000 MW, but had to resort to stage 3 load shedding from mid-afternoon.

This saw South Africans countrywide being subjected to two time slots without electricity as Eskom aimed to reduce electricity demand by 4 000MW to prevent a total system collapse.

10 424 MW was off-line due to unplanned outages and 5 043 MW as a result of planned maintenance..

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Eskom said in its System Status Bulletin issued on Thursday night the system was “severely volatile”.

Unit 1 of Koeberg was still “undergoing start-up tests required for synchronisation after the (earlier) fault on the generator was resolved and is expected to return to service this evening.”

It will however only be back for a few days, as Eskom earlier said the unit will be taken out of service again for planned maintenance on Monday. depriving the system of almost 1000 MW.

Source: Moneyweb

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