Rolling Retro all set for February

If you’re going to come down to the RVCA Rolling Retro event this year, don’t bother to bring a board. All retro boards will be supplied by Robbie from Vudu surf. What you do need to bother about, is the dates.

Vintage surfboards for the Rolling Retro. P Richard Johnson
Vintage surfboards for the Rolling Retro. P Richard Johnson

The date set for the event is Sunday 22 February, while the stand-by date, should Llandudno be unplayable on the 22, is Sunday 1 March – one week later.

At the heart and soul of the RVCA Rolling Retro event is the classic board collection. Owned by Robby McDonald from Vudu Surf, the board collection comes in at about 50 vintage surfboards, collected by Robby over the last decade or so.

“Surfing has always been in my life and my family’s life,” said Robby. “I started collecting when I started Vudu Surf, and I had the repair side going and was able to restore and repair some old boards.”

Robby is one of those guys who doesn’t believe in hanging up vintage boards as works of art. “I think it’s great to ride the boards, and to draw inspiration from different lines,” reckons Robby. “Riding the vintage boards also helps when making new boards. Many of the modern designs are based on ideas of the past.”

Robby has a diversified collection of boards, with a few amazing highlights. “I have two Whitmore Longboards as well as a 7’6 Whitmore Spoon,” said Robby of his favourites. “I’m not sure of the age of the Spoon, but it is pretty rare. I also have an original Gerry Lopez Pipeline single fin, which is a rarity.”

There is also a large collection of famous South African shapers’ boards.

“I have boards made by Safari, Larmont, Larry Levin, Clive Barber, Tich Paul, Robbie Pointing, Kenny Freeland and Errol Hickman, to name a few,” enthused Robby. “There are also a few other boards from some legendary shapers who have passed, like Jiggy, Marc Spowart and Jeff Hancock.”

Core Surf

In the past the RVCA Rolling Retro event has been attended by World Tour surfer Jordy Smith, who professes to love the event. He won’t be making it this year, as he prepares for the first event of the year on the World Tour at Snapper Rocks on the Gold Coast.

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“The Retro contest is a really cool event, where you can hang out, have a beer with your mates and watch the competitors battle it our retro-style,” said Jordy of the tournament, adding, “I’m bummed I’m missing it this year. Hope everyone has a good time down there.”

Some of the awards that are going to be awarded in his absence are the following:

Best Male Surfer

Best Female Surfer

Best Grom

Best Wipeout

Best Tube

Best Old School Wave

Best Nipper