How much do Eskom executives earn

Since load-shedding began in 2008, Eskom’s top brass has received a staggering R 63 million in performance bonuses. In 2012 and 2013 alone, the nine members of the Eskom Board received R 31 million in vested “performance shares”.


The salaries of the directors and group executives in 2014 amounted to R 60 million (up from R 57 million the previous year), of which R 24.4 million went to its top three executives.

Former CEO, Brian Dames, received a whopping R 22.8 million when he left, of which R5 million was simply for terminating his contract – all of this as the blackouts returned.

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Everybody who hears about these huge amounts has the same question: Bonuses for doing what exactly?

If ever anyone failed to perform their duty, it is the Eskom executive. Their salaries and bonuses are an insult to every South African who has to cope daily with the effects of Eskom’s mismanagement.

true dec 2014

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