JBay woman attacked in Diaz Road – chases off assailant

A beautiful morning stroll along the beach front just after sunrise, was marred for a local woman when she was attacked by a thug in Diaz road, near the Main Beach toilets.


“I was walking down the road on pavement just past the Supertube Slide towards the public toilets when I was hit and bumped from behind,” said the Jeffreys Bay resident.

“He grabbed onto me trying to get hold of something – I guess it was cellphone in my hand.

I bent forward to protect myself in case he had a knife and clinged onto my phone. Then I just lost it and started hitting back and chased him towards the beach.

There were two of them, walking on each side of the road, so I think they knew what they were doing.

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He was a youngster, about 1.8m tall, thin and cleanly dressed.

He was wearing a camel colour cap turned to the back with a checkered long sleeve shirt.

His friend was walking around with a red hoody pulled over his head”.

Fortunately the woman was not injured in the incident.

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