Kirkwood grinds to a halt

Protests have flared up in Kirkwood again, with some roads having been barricaded with burning tyres, rocks and other objects.

Photo: SABC
Photo: SABC

Police spokesperson, Warrant-Officer Basil Seekoei, says members of the Public order Policing order have been deployed in the town.

Seekoei says the roads between the Moses Mabida-area and town are closed, but there are no groupings of people in the streets.

He says community members have gathered in the township’s community hall, where the Executive Mayor, Mbulelo Kebe, is due to address them.

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According to the Kirkwood Business Chamber residents from several areas have called a stay-away leading to the shut-down of the town again.

They’re unhappy with the employment of a small group of local people by contractors who are in town to resurface two main roads in the Sunday’s River Valley.

Source: Algoa FM