Eskom is a ship sailing through difficult waters

The CEO of Eskom, Tshediso Matona has likened the energy supplier to a car that has not had regular maintenance and as a ship sailing through difficult waters.

Majuba Power Station. Photo Eskom
Majuba Power Station. Photo Eskom

Due to the technical problems experienced in running an ailing infrastructure, loadshedding cannot be ruled out this week.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Alliance has raised concerns about Unit 6 at the Medupi Power Station.

Medupi is two years late and R 40 billion over budget.

“Steam tests that were meant to take two weeks have been going on for two months now. According to reports, senior engineers at Medupi have blamed the Mitsubishi Hitachi boiler,” said Natasha Michael from the DA.

It is believed that there is a huge problem with the design of the piping and as a result it will not operate correctly.

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Eskom appears to be ignoring the advice of its technical team and is ready to bring the boiler to life.

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“This approach carries incredible risk. If the boiler turbines of Unit 6 are damaged and the power station is further delayed it will wreak havoc on our economy.

If Eskom and government are serious about solving the ever growing electricity crisis, then Medupi cannot continue to be handled with the secrecy and inefficiency that has marked the project so far.

South Africans need Medupi to be brought online without delay, but the method must also be sustainable in the long-term, otherwise the country will find itself in the same position a few years from now,” concluded Michael.

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