Palm Crescent targeted by thieves last night

Barking dogs that would not keep quiet last night ensured that a JBay resident was able to prevent a robbery at his house in Palm Crescent in the early hours of the morning.
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“My dogs kept barking and I went outside and found people trying to steal tools from my garage.
They then walked down the street as if nothing had happened. I shone my torch at them from across the street and one of them asked me why I was shining my torch at them. He spoke in English with a west African accent,” said the resident.
“I later discovered that they had stacked rocks up against my garage in the attempt to get through the window.
I also met several other neighbours in the street and its possible other attempts were made to rob properties in Wavecrest last night,” added the resident.
Two young girls were also robbed of their possession on Main Beach yesterday as well. Cell phones etc were stolen in the incident.
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