Ancient burial site discovered in Cape St Francis

The building of a new swimming pool in Cape St Francis revealed an ancient Khoisan burial site, estimated at being between 500 and 5 000 years old.
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The skeleton that was discovered was that of a juvenile Khoisan and was found buried in the traditional flexed position.
The Gamtkwa Khoisan Council gave their consent for the removal of the skeleton on condition that they will be allowed to re- bury the remains at a later stage.
The recent discovery highlights the archaeological sensitivity of the area once again.
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According to respected archaeologist Johan Binneman he has excavated/collected the remains of more than 20 individuals from the same area over the last couple of years.
In his view many more graves are located at Thyspunt that will be destroyed if an industrial development is allowed at the site.
Thyspunt is the preferred site to build a nuclear power station, despite serious flaws being identified in the Impact studies.
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