Crisis? What crisis says Eskom

The media briefing yesterday by Eskom’s CEO, Mr Tshediso Matona, inspires no confidence that the true nature of the problems facing Eskom are being addressed.

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The basic take away from the briefing was that blackouts are here to stay; and that there is not much Eskom can do about it.
The current situation at Eskom is damaging to our economy and South African families who have to structure their daily lives around Eskom’s load shedding schedule.
It is simply shocking that President Zuma and Public Enterprise Minister, Lynne Brown, are missing in action while the country’s economy is in turmoil.
South Africa needs an urgent response to ensure that the lights stay on, but that also makes provision for the long term sustainability of our electricity generation capacity.
Load shedding is jeopardising countless jobs, and it cannot be tolerated this casually.
Jeffreys Bay has been suffering through loadshedding that has not been announced and loadshedding schedules that have not been adhered to by Eskom.
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It is shameful that South Africans are now expected to deal with load shedding as if it were unforeseen and inevitable.
Eskom, through mismanagement and failure to plan ahead, have brought us to this point.
For the good of our nation’s economy and its capacity to sustain our people’s livelihoods, we have to ensure a constant uninterrupted supply of electricity.

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