No blackouts today for South Africa

Eskom says electricity supply for the first part of this week should be sufficient enough to avoid load shedding after a weekend of rolling blackouts implemented by the power utility across the country.
power lines
Eskom’s Andrew Etzinger says, however, that the situation could change in the latter part of the week.
“We have been implementing load shedding over the weekend and that has been very important to do, to prepare us for the coming week.
We will therefore be in a better position to operate in the coming week and certainly at this stage up until Wednesday, we do not expect there to be any load shedding. On Thursday and Friday it depends how much we used of our resources” he said.
He said they would be in a slightly better position to supply the country with electricity over the festive season as many companies close and it will therefore be an easier time on the grid.

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