Panic as JBay runs out of petrol

Jeffreys Bay ran out of petrol on Thursday and Friday as supplies dried up in the Eastern Cape due to a infrastructural problem at the fuel depot at the Port Elizabeth harbour.
caltex petrol station
No ships could offload supplies, and had to divert to East London and Mossel Bay.
Motorists panicked in Jeffreys Bay as petrol and diesel ran out at most petrol stations in the town.
At one stage on Friday afternoon, cars were backed in Da Gama road once a petrol truck was seen delivering supplies to the BP Garage.
Motorists were not prepared to take a chance and simply queued in Da Gama Road as they waited their turn to fill up their petrol tanks.
The situation in the Eastern Cape is not being to improve for at least the next two weeks.
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In a statement, Clive Berlyn, CEO of Caltex Eastern Cape said:
“Fuel ships that should have docked in PE have been diverted to East London and to Mossel Bay. The challenge is getting the fuel back to Port Elizabeth.
This means that delivery to a service station in PE that should have taken at most a two hour turn-around from the truck leaving the depot to its return for the next load, can now take as much as nine or ten hours.
In effect a PE based truck is now delivering one fifth of the fuel it usually delivers. So while fuel is getting through, it is at a much slower rate.
Regarding the duration of the current situation, we would like to caution the motorists that this could take up to two weeks to normalise once the loading dock is operational.
There is obviously no stock in the PE depot tanks and the service stations’ stocks will be very low.”

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