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TrueWAN wireless internet
We offer 24/7 Broadband Wireless Internet Connectivity for the Home and Business user. No phone lines needed!!! Our packages include 24/7 internet connectivity, fax-to-mail, VOIP, email with virus and spam filters.
TrueWAN Coverage
We currently have coverage over most parts of the Jeffreys Bay, Aston Bay, Paradise and Humansdorp areas. Gamtoos, Oyster Bay and St Francis areas to be covered shortly.
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We design and install cabling and give support to your LANs (Local-area networks), WANs (wide-area networks), wireless networks, Internet, email and intranet systems.
True Technologies is committed to forging long-term relationships with our customers, assisting them to grow their businesses through shared ideas and innovative solutions. Many of our clients have relied on our technical expertise for a decade or more.
They are assured that both short term and long range needs are being addressed. Through service contracts or on-call support, our clients know the response to projects and problems is quick and tasks are handled efficiently, mindful of the budget and the big picture. Whatever your computer or network related problem is, we can fix it.
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TEL: 042 293 4168  FAX: 042 293 1851

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