Eskom warns of energy grid collapse

Eskom has warned that there is a risk of a total blackout if consumers do not use electricity sparingly.
The utility says it’s doing its best to prevent the national grid from collapsing. Eskom earlier announced the introduction of stage three load shedding – the worst since the 2008 energy crisis.
Three coal powered units have tripped while Eskom is battling to supply diesel to reserve turbines.
truewan oct
Eskom spokesperson Andrew Etzinger says, “Even in 2008 as dire as that situation was, that was not a complete blackout and if we don’t manage the situation as we are doing, there is a risk of a blackout.
It will take possibly takes weeks to re-start the grid.”
Eskom has been scrambling to build new power stations to ease razor-thin supply margins, but has been beset by a four-year delay.

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