Community Police Forum (CPF)

What is the Community Police Forum?

The Community Police Forum (CPF) is a legislated body.  It operates under the Police Act of 1995 which says that each police station in South Africa must have a CPF.
The role of the CPF is to be the conduit between the community and the Police.  As such the CPF can advise the police on how we as a community would like to be policed i.e. what crimes to prioritize etc.
Furthermore a representative of the CPF sits on the Police station’s management meetings and is kept up to date with all matters regarding crime and policing in Jeffreys Bay.

Any individual or organization can apply to join as a member of the CPF.  However, at this stage, only organizations are allowed to vote in the CPF elections, which are held bi annually.  Membership is free and the more members a CPF has, the stronger the voice it carries regarding fighting crime in the town, so please sign up as a member.
One can join a neighbourhood watch and become involved with patrols in that manner.  Inspector Els can be contacted on 0823254281.  She will put you into contact with the neighbourhood watch in your area.
Presently, there are watches in Paradise Beach, Aston Bay, Pellrus, C Place and Wavecrest.  In addition, the CPF supports the police in joint operations which target a particular crime and other operations i.e. house breakings, drunk driving, road blocks, high visibility, etc.
The CPF meets on the first Monday of each month at the Jeffreys Bay police station for a general meeting. In addition regular crime updates are released by the CPF to keep the community informed about crime trends in the town.

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